Meeting: Project Proposal (Battle of the Claw Exhibit)

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Please join Christoper Steven (Class of 2012) on August 20th at 6:00 p.m. at Austin High School in the “A” room as he presents his project proposal to the Austin Alumni Association.  His project recommends creating an exhibit in the El Paso Museum of History about the “Battle of the Claw” between Austin High School and El Paso High School.  Please come by to here about the project, provide support and momentum, and assist in getting this great project approved.  Hope to see you there!

Battle of the Claw

2 thoughts on “Meeting: Project Proposal (Battle of the Claw Exhibit)

  1. Good afternoon,

    I just need to leave a quick message on the Project The Battle Of The Claw. The last name is misspelled, it is Steven no S at the end. I just want to thank all for giving my son an opportunity to realize this dream he has had for some time. I really appreciate the interest your have shone him, he is really excited. May God Bless You All! Mighty Class of “81”! Gooooo Panthers!!!

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