AHS 2018 Outstanding Ex


The Austin Alumni Association proudly announces

the 2018 Austin High School Outstanding Ex

Ron Stallworth

Class of 1971


Ron Stallworth, upon graduating from Austin High School in 1971, moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado where he joined the police force.  He served for 32 years and achieved the rank of Detective.  He became an expert in Gang Culture and has lectured throughout the country.  He has testified in 2 high profile cases, one regarding the killing of a Texas Peace Officer and the Tupac Shakur case.

He is best known for his undercover investigation into the Ku Klux Klan (KKK).  As a black man, he successfully gained membership into the organization, briefly served as David Duke’s bodyguard, and was eventually asked to lead the Colorado Springs chapter.

Ron has authored several books, including his chronicles from his investigation of the KKK, Black KlansmanSpike Lee has adapted the book into an upcoming move, Black Klansman, to be released August 10, 2018.

While at Austin High School, Ron was a cheerleader, served in Student Council, was voted most popular in his Senior year, and served on the Student Advisory Board to the EPISD Board.  Ron is the proud father of Brandon and Nicholas, and grandfather of two grandchildren.  Ron recently married fellow Panther, Patricia Terrazas, Class of 1971.  Ron and Patsy are active Austin High School Alumni board members.

Congratulations Ron!

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