Austin Alumni Association Mission

The mission of the Austin High School Alumni Association (AAA) is to promote and support the traditions of Austin High School, educational goals of the current students at Austin High School, focal points include academics, competitiveness, athleticism, school spirit and loyalty.

The AAA is an Alumnus driven organization of volunteer alumni and friends of Austin High School which recognize student and academic success through student scholarships.

AAA’s goals are to develop a desire for students to be successful in their respective fields of study, traditions and school becoming responsible citizens in the Panther community. Everything we do is out of our genuine compassion and dedication to our school it’s traditions and community.

We feel that by working together as a team, our goals to assist and ignite the spirit and entrust the traditions to all Panthers can be accomplished.

AAA members and Outstanding Exes are role models, mentors, and leaders to Panther students, it is important that we carry ourselves with the utmost integrity. This includes holding ourselves to a higher standard and setting an example to our peers and to the students. It is important that through our character and actions we show our dedication and respect to this school, its traditions and each other.

If you aren’t already a member, your time and support can make a difference.
Isn’t it time you got involved and help us make a difference?