The Claw

The oldest high school rivalry in El Paso is the rivalry between Austin High School and El Paso High School.  The rivalry began back in the 1930’s and is the 5th oldest rivalry in the State of Texas.  In 1960, the student council groups of both rival schools came together and funded “The Claw” trophy to commemorate the rivalry.  The Claw represents both the Panther and Tiger mascots.  The traveling trophy is fought over every year at the Austin High School versus El Paso High School football game, where the Alumni from both schools gather to cheer on their school.

The original Claw trophy was stolen from Austin High School and to date has not been recovered.  Soon after, a replica of the claw was made in order to continue the rivalry of the traveling trophy.

Original Claw
Original Claw

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  1. Love the website. Who were the original members present at combined meeting to discuss traveling trophy in 1960?

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