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The Austin High School Alumni Association is now accepting nominations for our AHS Outstanding Ex-Student. Send your nomination letter, a resume, and picture (if available) to Austin HS Alumni Association, P.O. Box 31495, El Paso, Texas 79931. We will also accept e-mail nominations hopefully with additional information attachments such as Pictures, Papers, Web Info, etc. Please include all pertinent information regarding your nominee: Year graduated from Austin High, current home address, phone number, e-mail, why you feel this person should be our Outstanding Ex and of course any and all accomplishments relevant to this nomination.

The annual award is bestowed to an alumnus who has accomplished notable success in their profession, service to Austin High School and/or to their community.

Nominations are open all year.  Deadline for review for the current year will be announced as a post on this website.  The Board of Directors will review all nominations including all previously nominated Panthers on our current list and make a selection.

E-mail should be sent to:

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    1. Nominations for this year are due August 22, 2022.
      Please email your nomination letter, with additional information attached such as pictures, articles, etc. (if available) to
      Please include the following information: 1) all pertinent information about your nominee; 2) the year of graduation; 3) current home address; 4) phone number and e-mail; 5) why you believe this person should be our Outstanding Ex; and 5) all accomplishments relevant to this nomination.

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